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  4. Development Team Roster Name Rank Position @Psihusky Community Director Community Director @Michael Woods Lead Developer Head of Development @Aaron Savage Developer Vehicle Developer @GhostB Developer Systems Administrator @Cbrad24 Developer Web Developer
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  6. Featuring: @StormeWolfe who has some explaining to do
  7. Location: Mount Chiliad Featuring: @PullMeLikePork, @WolfBox, @StormeWolfe, @Reaper105
  8. Location: Mount Chiliad Featuring: @PullMeLikePork, @WolfBox, @StormeWolfe, @Reaper105
  9. Location: Power Street, Pillbox Hill Featuring: @Psihusky, @Reaper105
  10. Location: Playboy Mansion Featuring: @StormeWolfe, @Reaper105, @WolfBox, @Psihusky
  11. Administration & Support Team Roster Name Rank Position @Psihusky Director Community Director @Aaron Savage Head Administrator Head of Administration Head of Support @Michael Woods Head Developer Head of Development Name Rank Position @Xiolin Furlough Senior Administrator Head of Player Inquiries & Reports Head of Support Team @GhostB Administrator @UhmHusky Moderator Name Rank Position @WolfBox Support
  12. Thanks for your feedback, however this has been implemented purposely to deter poor driving, including but not limited to pursuits and ramming other vehicles. Everyone has the same level on this, police are not immune to vehicle stalls either. If you smash your vehicle into something at a decent speed, you will do damage, and possibly fuck the vehicle entirely. Be thankful we're not doing that.
  13. Also, whenever you stall, somehow your seat belt gets undone, so if you stall and you're sliding then hit anything, you will go flying out your windscreen
  14. What is the suggestion: Remove the mod that causes cars to stall What are the advantages? (List each in new line) The only time this feature is an advantage is to police when in a pursuit What are the disadvantages? (List each in new line) Cars will stall when you scrape a street sign Cars will stall when you tap a guard rail cars will stall if you gently tap the rear of someones car Cars are also ALL automatic, I've never had to change a gear so I'm not sure how you are stalling auto cars This mod has sooo many advantages but has only 1 advantage, the cons heavily outweigh the pros Do you have any resources (images, links, references) to support our staff in making said suggestion? N/A How would you go about implementing this idea? Just straight up remove it
  15. This was discussed before, and requires a bit more discussion, please have a read here: https://forums.huskys.network/ideas/lsrp/22_archived/realistic-speeds-and-handling-for-vehicles-r61/ Happy to keep this open but discussion.
  16. What is the suggestion: It's a more realistic driving mod What are the advantages? (List each in new line) Allows for a more accurate portrayal of driving, It will force players to have more skill when evading police and police will need to ensure they practice offensive driving skills rather than every single player being able to get in a car and evade police, skill will actually be required to drive cars at high speeds with this mod. It will also require players to spend a lot more time on the server practising driving rather than everyone just be a god at driving within 5 minutes What are the disadvantages? (List each in new line) it will be a learning curve for new players, it won't be as simple as get in a car and go 250 mph, players will require many hours of practice before being able to handle high power cars. In all honesty, I don't think it's slightly realistic that every player on the server can instantly get into a car and drive like a professional driver, having more realistic physics will require hours of practice. Do you have any resources (images, links, references) to support our staff in making said suggestion? https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/realistic-driving-v How would you go about implementing this idea? all I think that would be required is an announcement that driving has been reworked
  17. About Us The Los Santos Mechanics works in all branches of Los Santos Customs through out Los Santos. We are a kind and friendly business and always put a smile on our customers faces. The Los Santos Mechanics likes to sometimes host a Car Meet maybe once a week at their most common branch in the city this is for other players to show off their flashy vehicles or even just come down to meet new people and see what people drive. Our Services The Los Santos Mechanics specializes in multiple mechanic stuff such as: Tuning Towing Fixing broken down vehicles Modifications on vehicles Service checks Prices ⚙️ Tuning - $5,000 to $15,000 This can range from 5k to 15k depending on the time that goes into it, it could be a 5 minute job or be hours. 🚗 Towing - $200 Towing is all dependent on the distance from Los Santos City to the Mechanic shop it would be $200 for a tow, from Sandy shores to the Mechanic Shop it would be $500 and from Paleto Bay it would be $850 dollars. (This does not cover the fee of repairing any vehicle it just covers the tow which will be towed back to the Mechanic Shop in Los Santos City and placed in the car park lot waiting for you to collect. 🧰 Broken Down Vehicles & Vehicle Repairs - $500 - $3,000 - Repairing Vehicles can range from a range of prices as there may need to be replacements for it to run properly or for us to just simply fix it with our tools. This is again depending on the time it takes us as it is not just a 5 minute job our main thing to do is look at the vehicle and check out what the issue may be plan to resolve it and have a back up plan just incase and then begin the repair. The prices will start at roughly $500 for a easy fix this is just simply like, battery's need changing reason why my car not starting, Oil leaks etc. It will then range from there such as harder ones would be roughly $1.2k and for a whole new engine to be implemented would cost $3000 + depending on the engine as it would need to be replaced depending on what happen if you crashed it, broken down etc. 🔧 Service Checks - $85 This is one of our most common things we do and very cheap, this is for un experienced people so we do it for them what we do in here is check the oil, fuel filters, air, driveline fluids etc. For a service check it would cost you $85 Placing An Order The Los Santos Mechanics has a set price for most stuff based on time it takes for the job to be done and what the job is. If you want a job done to your vehicle and we do the job and you fail to pay it will result being taken to court. How it goes for ordering: You will need to contact a mechanic in game and speak to them regarding the job you would like done to your vehicle The mechanic will give you a rough pricing but that won't be final as it may take longer or even quicker. Before the mechanics start the job you will be sent on discord a form you will be required to sign it with your characters signature. We will proceed to do your job and let you know when finished. You will receive your invoice to pay we will give you back your vehicle when paid. We do not accept marked or dirty money. Job Vacancies Los Santos Mechanics are currently hiring to get a job with us you will need to contact and message UhmHusky on the forums (Hunter Johnson) and follow the format and answer the questions. Before you apply you are recommended to: Study about mechanics and know some stuff. Know how a engine works. You must also: Be able to commit to the job. Be a good team member. Apprentice Job - Application Template Your application may take from 48 hours to 72 hours to be processed and read and with a response. If you do not hear back by then please DM H_uskys#0001
  18. What is the suggestion: Make the mechanics a white listed job. What are the advantages? (List each in new line) There are multiple. 1. You will need to go through a interview and other procedures to get a job at the mechanics. (Like real life) mainly just asking experience in mechanics on what different types of stuff in the vehicle does and where it is located etc. 2. It would stop people just joining the mechanics to repair vehicles for pursuits or any criminal acts or racing or even when their car crashes cause they don't rp it out and it could give the actual qualified mechanics sometime to do and more rp involved. What are the disadvantages? (List each in new line) Not able to join from the jobs place you would need a interview from the owner of the mechanics (me) and training etc Do you have any resources (images, links, references) to support our staff in making said suggestion? N/A How would you go about implementing this idea? I would implement this as soon as possible as it is a idea that can benefit rp in many ways and make the server much more greater. It would also be good to see a lot more people with broken cars tweeting out saying "Hey I got a broken down car any mechanic able to tow?" This would make us profit as right now we make hardly anything we are relying on npc jobs and it's not the best so with this being implemented it would definitely help us out.
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  20. Id absolute appreciate the appreciation of appreciate
  21. What is the suggestion: R33 Skyline What are the advantages? (List each in new line) It's a car that I absolute love and I know theres a few other people that absolutely love them, I'd appreciate seeing them again What are the disadvantages? (List each in new line) not much to be honest Do you have any resources (images, links, references) to support our staff in making said suggestion? https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/nissan-skyline-r33-gtr-hq-replace?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=pmd_b4be3d2269b1fc617483405bb6ca77fae9e671b8-1627221777-0-gqNtZGzNAg2jcnBszQci How would you go about implementing this idea? Have it as a donator car for a month then implement it for a decent price
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