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    1. Vehicle Dealer

      This article is still a work in progress. It may contain missing, outdated or inaccurate information. Discretion is advised. Introduction The vehicle dealer job gives players the ability to purchase vehicles at a discounted rate and also to sell vehicles at their designated dealership. Individual dealer jobs are coming soon, currently all dealers work under the same job. Locations Premium Deluxe Motorsport, Pillbox Hill: /postal 9167 Sanders Motorcycles, Pillbox Hill: /postal 8175 Mosley's, Strawberry: /postal 9192 Larry's RV Sales, Grandd Senora Desert: /postal 4024 Job Grades This job has no pay grades. Job Functions Car Dealer Discount As a vehicle dealer, when you visit the normal car dealer, you will receive a discount when purchasing the vehicle. Your dealer price will be displayed in orange, while the retail price will be displayed in green. Selling Vehicles As a vehicle dealer, you can sell vehicles (modifications included). Only vehicle dealers can sell vehicles, however anyone can purchase them. Visit the vehicle dealership you wish sell your vehicle at Drive into the hover text and press E to bring up the sale menu Set the price you wish to sell the vehicle for When a player purchases a vehicle, you will receive this amount in full Confirm the price is correct, and then select Sell Vehicle by pressing Enter The vehicle will now appear out on the lot To remove a vehicle from sale: Enter the vehicle you wish to remove from sale Press E to buy the vehicle Buy the vehicle, this will not charge you if you own the vehicle. The vehicle is now yours again. Additional Keybinds This job does not have any additional keybinds Additional Commands This job does not have any additional commands. Notes This job does not have any additional notes.
    2. Miner

      Introduction Mine raw materials, wash and smelt the ores into ingots to sell. Salary / Payout $35 Salary / $5 per Copper Ingot / $9 per Iron Ingot / $25 per Gold Ingot / $250 per Diamond Locations Miner's Locker Room in El Burro / Postal 9276 Slag Canyon Steel Works in El Burro / Postal 9306 Davis Quartz Quarry / Postal 3054 Rock Washing Plant in Harmony / Postal 4014 Copper Seller at San Andreas Port / Postal 10046 Iron Seller at Los Santos construction site / Postal 8162 Gold Seller at Pacific Standard Bank / Postal 7090 Diamond Seller at Vangelicos / Postal 7251 Job Instructions You must have this job from the job centre. Fuel Production Head to the Miner's Locker Room in El Burro and walk up the stairs to change. (Marked with the yellow circle.) Stand in the marker, press 'E' and select 'Workers Clothes' Stand in the bigger yellow marker and press 'E' to retrieve your Truck ($2000 Security Deposit will be taken from you). Head to the Davis Quartz Quarry with your truck, once there, stand in the location marked with the big yellow circle (on foot). When inside the yellow marker, press 'E' to begin mining rocks (Max of 7 units can be obtained). Get back into your truck and head to the rock washing location. Stand in the location marked by the big yellow circle (on foot) and press 'E' to wash your rocks. Get back into your truck and head back into Los Santos, down to El Burro to Slag Canyon Steel works, head inside. Stand in the location marked by the big yellow circle (on foot) and press 'E' to smelt ores (You'll receive Copper, Iron, Gold and possibly Diamonds). Get back into your truck and head to the suitable selling locations in your preferred order. For each location, stand in the marked area and press 'E' to sell. Repeat this however often you want, once you want to end your 'shift', return your Truck and get your security deposit back by driving into the red circle and pressing 'E' and change back into your civilian clothes back at the locker rooms location. Additional Keybinds This job does not have any additional keybinds. Additional Commands This job does not have any additional commands. Notes You do not need to have money in your bank account for the security deposit to be taken from you, you will be in the negative, however. A Commercial / Truck drivers license can be acquired at the DMV. You will receive your salary whether you're actively mining or not.
    3. Garbage Collection

      Introduction Pick up garbage bags from various locations around the city to earn some cash. Salary / Payout $50 per stop + $10 per bag Locations South L.S. Recycling, La Puerta: /postal 9030 Job Instructions You must have this job from the job centre. Garbage Collection Head to South L.S. Recycling on the map. Go into the office and locate the locker room Stand in the marker and 'Clock-In'. Head outside to the vehicle garage, and spawn a garbage truck. (If multiple people, only one needs to be spawned). Follow the yellow route to each stop. When in the yellow marker, press E to begin picking up. Head to red marker which indicates the bin, press E to pick up a garbage bag. Walk to the back of the truck, walk into the green marker and press E to drop off the bag. You can head to a maximum of 10 stops or head back to the depot whenever you feel like. To finish head back to the depot, locate the locker room. Stand in the marker and 'Clock Out'. Additional Keybinds This job does not have any additional keybinds. Additional Commands This job does not have any additional commands. Notes Multiple people can work together and the payout is split amongst those who picked up a bag. A maximum of 10 stops is allowed before needing to return to the depot. A dumpster will hold anywhere from 4 to 10 bags.
    4. Lumberjack

      This Handbook will guide you through the basics of your new job as a Lumberjack. You are tasked with the pick up, processing and transport of quality Hardwood. Step One: Commute Your first duty is to clock in and get dressed for the job - For this, head to Lumber Depot in Murrieta Heights, El Rancho Blvd. Postals 9324 through 9330. This can be made easy by locking Your GPS to “Lumberjack’s Locker Room” Should you encounter issues with Your GPS or not have one, see the map to the below. Once You arrive at the Depot, clock in by changing into Your workwear, this will be marked with a yellow circle. Step Two: Retrieving Your Truck Once You are clocked in, it is time to retrieve Your delivery vehicle, in this case a semi-truck and trailer. Make sure You are in possession of the necessary driving permits, if You are not, they can be obtained at the Driving School. Head to the garage to Your right, again marked with a yellow circle, this is where You will be assigned the Company vehicle You will be driving. Note: A security deposit of $2000 will be taken in exchange for Your vehicle. Step Three: Heading to the Lumber Yard As soon as You are accompanied with Your vehicle, open Your GPS and plot a route to the Lumber Yard near Paleto Bay, Postal 1082. This will be Your pickup destination. Note: The GPS will plot the shortest route, unfortunately, this route is hardly fitting for Your vehicle. We suggest heading north-bound on El Rancho Blvd. and taking a left turn onto San Andreas Avenue to take the on-ramp onto Del Perro Freeway. From there on just follow Del Perro Freeway onto Great Ocean Highway al the way up to Paleto Bay. This is the most convenient, easiest and fastest Route to take. Step Four: Loading Your Truck Upon arrival at the Lumber Yard, park Your truck in a convenient spot. Get out of the truck and head towards the Sawmill building. Head to the north-side of the premise, near the pile of logs, here You will retrieve the wood to be processed. This and the following stops will be marked with the yellow circles You are already familiar with. Inside the circle, You retrieve as much wood as You can manage. Once You are loaded with wood, head along the west side of the saw mill until You come across the wooden ramp, walk up it and into the mill. Once inside, head to Your left-hand-side to cut all the wood You are carrying. Next, turn back around to face the exit, looking past it You will notice a catwalk heading up and to the left, follow that, If You see piles of processed lumber, You are in the correct location to retrieve the finished wooden boards in bundles. Once You’re done processing everything, return to Your vehicle. Step Five: Delivery This step is fairly easy: Take your loaded truck back to the SA Hardwood CO. Depot in Murrieta Heights. We recommend taking the same freeway-route we highlighted above. For the exact location, set Your GPS to “Delivery point”. Park Your truck in the designated area to unload Your cargo. Upon delivery, You can decide whether You wish to pick up and deliver another Load of Bundled Wood, or end Your shift and clock out. If You decide to clock out, make sure to return Your truck to receive Your security deposit back, this is marked with a RED circle on the very north side of the Depot premises (Any repairs necessary will be paid with Your deposit, so drive safely) and change back into Your civilian wear. For any further questions or concerns, contact SO Hardwood CO. directly.
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