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    I think adding in the ability to pay, say $10 for a one of one car to be added in for you would increase the number of donations made to the server


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    Thanks for your suggestion @Ruins!

    When we initially reviewed monetisation of the server, we reviewed such concepts like this and didn't feel they were inline with our goals and values. It takes quite a bit of time to implement vehicles as we ensure they meet the high quality we're seeking, as well as testing, etc., we also do not have the development capacity to do something like this.

    Believe it or not, our aim is not to make profit or "rake in money". Players are able to purchase a monthly sponsorship which goes 100% to the community, in return they receive benefits and perks, with more coming in mind.

    The closest thing we have is the ability for anyone to suggest vehicles, and once approved/backlogged, anyone may prioritise the suggestion.

    Look forward to any other suggestions, keep them coming. :)

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