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  • Feedback regarding tuner laptops.

    • Completed

    ***Removed template to make it easier for myself.


    So. Tuner Laptops are way too OP. Now if these things are going to be sold for $5,000. If no changes are gonna be made, it's a fair thing to say they should at least be sold for $50,000. Now you may ask... "Why are they way too overpowered?", Because you can tune any vehicle, and if you do it correctly.... a minivan can reach speeds of 190 mph, with an acceleration speed 0-60 being very unrealistic.

    Please watch the video below for more info, and also not only for a minivan, but for trucks as well:



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    A large portion of the tuner has been changed to have separate controls for values that help tune the vehicle.
    These changes allow for greater control plus feedback on the change.
    Tuning settings are per vehicle type, so the same setting's will not work on another vehicle type.

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    So pros and cons with the new update on this topic:

    - Fair game, no longer op af.
    - New tuner settings
    - Now you can only change the acceleration speed
    - Changing top speed is no longer an option
    - New tuner settings is worse than default settings, so if you want a faster car, don't bother with getting a tuner laptop. Not worth it at all.

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