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  • Player ran mechanic job

    • Closed

    What is the suggestion:

    To have a boss and employees for the mechanic job, so basically EnablePlayerManagement as it's called in the config of the esx_mechanicjob


    What are the advantages? (List each in new line)

    - Recycle the money/economy, instead of someones cash being lost in the system when one buys a paint job for example, the money will go to the company's funds so they can be used again by the boss or if you want to give a bonus to the employees and etc

    - More roleplay interaction

    - A chance of getting respect and loyal customers who come regurarily so you can give them discounts too

    - Learning about cars

    - Helping others who struggle coming up with an idea of what to do with their car, as in what customizations to put on

    - Social interaction

    - More business, craft repair kits and sell them for slightly cheaper than what the garage or NPC mechanics will charge for repairs.

    - In the future, the boss could purchase a .ymap and upgrade their business for a bigger and better location.

    - Have a custom business name, so instead of "Los Santos Customs" or "Mechanic" to be displayed on the map, it could be something like "Car Surgeons", "Car Shapers" or "Auto Nation".


    What are the disadvantages? (List each in new line)

    - When a mechanic isn't in the city, nobody can customize their cars.


    Do you have any resources (images, links, references) to support our staff in making said suggestion?



    How would you go about implementing this idea?

    In the server files, you would go to "esx_mechanicjob/config.lua" then Config.EnablePlayerManagement = true and so if there would be a new location, basically a custom .ymap. Then the coords for crafting and stuff would be fixed, but I could easily help with that ❤️





    Open image in new tab and zoom in to see in higher quality and resolution. Image is 800px x 5608px


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    Since I can't edit my comments/topic posts. I'm just gonna be needing to add new comments the whole time lol.

    So what I forgot to say is that if this idea becomes a reality, and if I would be offered the boss position. I would put all my $300,000 into society funds and get the fun started.

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    A lot of what you have mentioned is how it is setup already.

    Los Santos Customs is setup to be a player ran business, and to do NPC jobs or player interactions to earn money.

    The idea also would be to have NPCs as a "premium" and player ran shops more affordable.

    With regards to running this, it would be an Administrative decision, to which I'll contact you privately about.

    As such, I'll be closing this idea as it's already implemented as per "player ran mechanic job".

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    Have re-opened this one and changed to Long Term, ideally players should be able to open their own mechanic store instead of relying on Los Santos Customs, but we'll need to look into this one in more depth.

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