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    This will help the server out financially as well as the supporters can have there benefits.

    Although platinum might not be popular but that makes I’m more exclusive.

    I would add this to the forums as a membership and make new benefits.


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    Thanks for the suggestion.

    We're relatively happy with the current supporter levels available and don't have any plans in mind to change this.

    We believe they provide a fair and balanced thank you to our supporters, and are close to market value. We don't want it to be pay to win, that said we're looking at more cosmetic & in-game benefits that don't provide an unfair advantage like exclusive houses, etc.

    Out of curiosity though, what would you have in mind for such a level and what do you think would be a fair value for it?

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    Yeah understandable, I was think more exclusive places such as what we were possibly talking about the casino, certain rooms in nightclubs etc., possibly outfits, hair styles, tattoos, pets if possible. If supporter are in Law enforcement can have access to exclusive vehicle/livery like the one I linked previously same goes for citizen vehicle but I’m talking livery’s not just the vehicles them self but obviously have the option. (I can’t get enough of that supporter LS Law enforcement vehicle I sent you btw) and all the stuff surrounding that which doesn’t give a Advantage but a special exclusive feel, but just want to add for possible 3.0 that the server is the best server in script wise and menus and all that stuff that some people can’t see but I can see how much work you guys put into it but I think in MY OPINION the server needs a bit more character side of things like custom outfit as in imported things, Imported hairstyles and character based things because it gets people really into there character and it makes the server look good and if you don’t know if anyone will even like the imported stuff look at other servers people love stuff they can’t get any other server and I’m not talking it has to be all that Gucci and Nike shit just even some shirts, hoodies, shoes and that’s a really important part, it’s a win win for everyone in my opinion. :)

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