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  1. Psihusky


    Highlights Auto Exotic: Add Auto Exotic Fixing Station interior on Elgin Ave in Alta Bike Hire: Added multiple free bikes around the city Improvements HUD: Add notification when speed limiter activated Chat: Update styles for chat Map: Colourise map Police Alerts: Update style for police alerts, integrated more crimes HUD: Added cross street to HUD Adjustments, Changes, Tweaks Garbage Job: Set pay to $50 per stop Garbage Job: Remove second trash truck from garage Police Job: Set prices to items to prevent misuse Radio: Upda
  2. Changed Status to Completed
  3. Psihusky


    Highlights Average Speed Cameras: Average speed check cameras have been implemented throughout the state, these will notify law enforcement of speeders with the speed and registration. Fines may be issued by police officers manually. Garbage Collection Job: Added a garbage collection job - for more info the help article:https://huskys.network/help/aurp/garbage-collection/ Taser: Implemented a X2 Taser framework which now acts like the X2 Taser in real life with audit log and more. Improvements Police Alerts: Restyled the police alerts notification. Phone: Update
  4. Psihusky


    Highlights Scoreboard: Brand new scoreboard with groups, ping, and more. Vehicle: Add 2018 Ford Fusion Pillbox Hospital Lower: Restyled to match upper hospital RACV: Rebrand Los Santos Customs to RACV Mission Row Police Station: Updated to Gabz MRPD Improvements FiveM Server Build: Update to latest stable server build. MDC: Create an MDT Call on distress signal Car Dealer: Add custom "import" vehicles to car dealer. Pillbox Hospital: Add teleports to Pillbox Lower & Higher levels Sandy Shores Sheriff Station: Rebrand to Sandy Sh
  5. Howdy all, Our Aussie Roleplay server is now live to the public. I'd like to greatly thank everyone that has helped get the server up to this point, it's been a long process but definitely worth the wait! There may be some dust left around from the old community, so if you notice any old names please let our team know. If you'd like to help us get the ball rolling and the name out there, you can do the following: Vote for us on TrackyServer - both normal Vote & Steam Leave a positive review on our Cfx.re (FiveM) Forums post Boost us on FiveM Server Lis
  6. Psihusky


    Highlights Rebrand: Los Santos Roleplay is now Aussie Roleplay under the Husky's Network name. Mapping: Changed lots of street signs to Australian equivalents Vehicles: Victorianise the license plates Improvements FiveM Server Build: Update to latest stable server build. Character Creator: Restyle Character Creator, add slider, date of birth picker and first/last name randomiser for those with no creativity Item: Add license plate item to change plates, can be purchased from the DMV/VicRoads for $5,000 Character Creator: Massive improvements to how c
  7. Hi all, Due to expansion of other games, formally known as Roleplayworks now falls under the Huskys.Network name and allows us to bring you more variety, and still a great roleplay experience. Projects include: FiveM: Aussie Roleplay FiveM: Cops & Robbers Minecraft: Creative & Survival If you have any questions or notice we've forgot to update the name somewhere, let us know! We look forward to creating an awesome community with you all. Best regards, Psihusky Community Director
  8. Psihusky


    Highlights Rebrand: Los Santos Roleplay is now Aussie Roleplay under the Husky's Network name. Vehicles: Added new Australian vehicles for police, fire & ambulance (civilian vehicles are coming soon) Clothes Menu: New dpclothing clothes menu accessed through Y. EUP: Australian emergency service variants added to EUP. Map: Legion Square revamp to a more community meeting area. (XMAS theme currently) Map: US flags changed to Australian flags Map: Added new stream for banks to resemble an Australian bank. Map: Added new stream for 247s to resembl
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