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  1. The roof would not be removable.
  2. Engine upgrades, yes. I'm not sure if the roof is removable, I'll look into it.
  3. Your suggestion is currently being tested by our developers. There is no estimate for the duration of the testing process. No estimate will be given for the duration of the testing process. A suggestion within the testing process does not guarantee it's been accepted, nor if it will be accepted.
  4. The link you sent with the plates is not the same model as your original post. If we implement it, it will not have the customization options as your original post. With that being said, would you like to continue with this suggestion?
  5. Unfortunately, this vehicle is dependent on another modification, that we currently aren't looking to implement at this time.
  6. Changed Status to Declined
  7. This idea has been approved and is currently in progress. Maybe this Saturday..
  8. What is the suggestion: I'd like to see the/a script put in to keep the front tires rotated as you exit your vehicle. What are the advantages? (List each in new line) The only advantage is a cosmetic one, as well as an immersive point. In everyday life, you don't always turn your wheels straight when you park - whether by accident or on purpose. For civilians, turned tires could give their vehicle a more aggressive look for photo shoots. For emergency services, you don't always have time to turn your tires back, or they may be turned for a strategic reason. What are the disadvantages? (List each in new line) The devs having to work. Do you have any resources (images, links, references) to support our staff in making said suggestion? https://www.lcpdfr.com/downloads/gta4mods/scripts/7374-turn-tires/ How would you go about implementing this idea?
  9. I've never quite understood redoing the vanilla handing lines. The fast cars are fast and the slow cars are slow. Sure, maybe some vehicles could use some tweaking here and there, but some are right in the fact that once you start crossing a certain threshold of speed, the game starts shitting itself. Especially on multiplayer servers, where sync needs to be taken under heavy consideration. Not only with other players, but with AI as well. Moderate tuning of some vehicles here and there for balance? Sure. Overhaul of everything and making some vehicles even faster? Not so much. While it may be realistic, the game engine itself can only handle so much. Hell, even AI rarely do what we deem as freeway speeds when they're on the freeway. You go throwing modded vehicles in the mix that are able to triple the speed they're going. You will have issues. Guaranteed. Just my two cents, though.
  10. A response to this is way overdue, including my own. Great video! Absolutely loved it. With that being said, I actually have a bit of experience when it comes to this question. It is a good one at that and it really deserves the attention of any employee of any employer within Woodland County. Allow me to share my experience below. Brief backstory, I was the within the highest attainable position within the San Andreas State Police of a FiveM community. I had a very good relationship with my second in charge, as well as command members below me. We hired in a Trooper and for the most part he seemed like a decent asset to the department. However, this individual had poor performance when it came to radio usage. He would not relay pertinent information, which would jeopardize fellow LEO's safety or the safety of the general public. To remedy this, the information was passed along the necessary lines in which it was unanimously decided that this Trooper was to undergo remedial training, in effort to better himself. This worked for awhile, however he continued to self attach when we had active dispatchers and continued to be more than brief with this radio traffic. Below was our issued suspension for the Trooper. T._PUNDSACK_MEMO_8-7-18.pdf This worked for awhile, until said Trooper made comments about another LEO's daughter over the air in which plenty of other members heard and/or witnessed. This was a clear violation of department policy, specifically regarding sexual harassment. He was trained, re-trained, warned, and suspended. This was the final straw. We issued the following to said Trooper. NOTICE_OF_TERMINATION_CC__LEO_COMMAND_-_82F142F2018.pdf He left without issue...why? We kept it in character. This is the point we stress. Keep it in character. Unfortunately, every action has a consequence - good or bad. His actions were always IC actions. They were not up to par with our IC policies. He was warned ICly. He continued to break policy ICly, so we suspended him ICly. He was free to RP as a civilian. Once he came back ICly and continued to break policy, we had to ultimately fire him ICly. His character was no longer a law enforcement officer. He soon threaded into a character that quite literally transitioned to the other side of the thin blue line. He became an ex-cop, hardened criminal. 1. It is full of drama - there was so much buzz around this. (First LEO in the community to ever be officially fired ICly) But, fun and unusually healthy drama. 2. They continue on their lives as you would IRL. You got fired. How do you proceed? Like I said, unfortunately, all actions have consequences, but they all lead to character development in some way. 3. That video is a good example. Official documents add to the immersion. Maybe if they are within a government agency, they have to face a board. Maybe if they are a doctor and the reason is justifiable, the firing hits the news. Plenty of avenues to take. 4. [Back to Top]
  11. Dude, my burger is still in my old desk! I can still eat this, right?
  12. Aaron Savage

    The Families

    Unfortunately, I don't have exact times. However, I can stress that it happened on every single crossing within Woodland County, every single time. It started occuring during my evening, throughout the night. Probably throughout your morning and early afternoon. Apologies for the inconvenience. I shall make a note in the future.
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