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  1. What is the suggestion: I'd like to see the/a script put in to keep the front tires rotated as you exit your vehicle. What are the advantages? (List each in new line) The only advantage is a cosmetic one, as well as an immersive point. In everyday life, you don't always turn your wheels straight when you park - whether by accident or on purpose. For civilians, turned tires could give their vehicle a more aggressive look for photo shoots. For emergency services, you don't always have time to turn your tires back, or they may be turned for a strategic reason. What are the disadvantages
  2. I've never quite understood redoing the vanilla handing lines. The fast cars are fast and the slow cars are slow. Sure, maybe some vehicles could use some tweaking here and there, but some are right in the fact that once you start crossing a certain threshold of speed, the game starts shitting itself. Especially on multiplayer servers, where sync needs to be taken under heavy consideration. Not only with other players, but with AI as well. Moderate tuning of some vehicles here and there for balance? Sure. Overhaul of everything and making some vehicles even faster? Not so much. While it m
  3. A response to this is way overdue, including my own. Great video! Absolutely loved it. With that being said, I actually have a bit of experience when it comes to this question. It is a good one at that and it really deserves the attention of any employee of any employer within Woodland County. Allow me to share my experience below. Brief backstory, I was the within the highest attainable position within the San Andreas State Police of a FiveM community. I had a very good relationship with my second in charge, as well as command members below me. We hired in a Trooper an
  4. Dude, my burger is still in my old desk! I can still eat this, right?
  5. "Hold on Mr. President, we have to obtain permission to fire, stand-by, someone else is callin in their traffic stop"
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