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Player Reports, Mediation & Appeals

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Player Reports, Mediation & Appeals

Player Reports

As a player, you are entitled to a safe community. A player may submit a player report against another player via the forums if they feel a server rule has been broken. The Administration Team review all reports professionally and have a non-biased approach.

In order to maintain this environment, we require your assistance as a player. As it's apparent to all players, administrators are not omnipresent and do depend on your help.


  1. Once a player report is submitted only the Administration Team and the person who filed the report will be able to view it.
  2. An Administrator will review the validity of the report and notify you that action has been taken.
  3. Please note that due to privacy we cannot provide details on actions taken.


The following outcomes can occur from a Player Report:

  • Warning issued on offending players.
  • Infraction recorded on any/all offending players. Potentially resulting in:
    • Warning being issued.
    • Loss of in-game privileges (job/business).
    • Temporary ban.
    • Permanent ban.
  • Mediation between both parties to clarify any misunderstandings with council member(s). Potentially resulting in:
    • No action necessary.
    • Loss of in-game privileges (job/business).
    • Temporary ban.
    • Permanent ban.
  • No action necessary.

Before submitting your report, you hereby agree that:

  • Vexatiously reporting a player without sufficient evidence will result in the report being locked, disregarded and the original reporter being disciplined.
  • You will remain calm/tell the truth throughout the entirety of the report.
  • You are reporting a player because s/he has broken a server rule that cannot be dealt with in-game.
  • You have provided screenshots or chatlogs.
  • You contacted the player and informed them they're being reported.
  • (If a roleplay matter) You remained IC as much as feasibly possible, and attempted to resolve the OOCly.

Click here to submit a Player Report.



A player may appeal any punishment that is at least 7 days in length.

Process & Outcomes

  1. After receiving a punishment, the player has one (1) opportunity to file an appeal. To do so, they must wait a minimum of 72 hours before filing an appeal via the forums. This will allow all parties involved the time to step away from the issue and reflect.
  2. An appeal will first be heard and decided by council members. Once a decision has been reached, they will submit their finds to the admin team to either accept or reject.
  3. A successful appeal will result in a reduction of the length of the punishment.
  4. A denied appeal will have no affect to the punishment and must be served in it's entirety.
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